Tailwheel Aircraft Ferry Pilot
Herb Lingl

Tailwheel ferry pilot Herb Lingl at sunrise at Petaluma airport
Tailwheel ferry pilot Herb Lingl,
At Sunrise at the Petaluma Airport, CA;
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Tailwheel ferry pilot Herb Lingl, a San Francisco based commercial pilot, specializes in ferrying tailwheel aircraft worldwide. Herb's attention to planning details before each mission and his extensive network of aviation contacts help to ensure that each tailwheel ferry assignment is completed on time and on budget.

Recent tailwheel aircraft ferrying experience includes ferrying a Stearman, PT-13B from the vicinity of Houston, Texas to northern California and ferrying a Citabria 7GCAA from Princeton, NJ to Panama City, Panama.

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Stearman N2067R at the Flying V Airport in Louise, Texas;
Ferried from Wharton, Texas to Lampson Field, California
by Herb Lingl
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To request a quote for ferrying a tailwheel aircraft, or learn more about Herb Lingl's tailwheel aircraft ferrying and flying experience, please call 415.771.2555 or contact Herb Lingl.