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©  aerial map pivot irrigation circles, Kansas AHLB3209 BP2THN
Aerial map of Pivot Irrigation Circles
Edwards county, Kansas
Image ID: AHLV3206
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Aerial Archives has an extensive collection of historical and current vertical aerial photography and aerial maps of many United States metropolitan areas and a number of cities in Canada and Mexico. In addition, Aerial Archives provides a large selection of satellite photographs, beginning with early imagery acquired by Landsat, to recent, high resolution 50cm pixel commercial imaging satellite photography.

Resolution samples of vertical aerial photography can be seen at resolution samples and at satellite resolution samples

Available imagery includes georeferenced aerial photography both as prints and digital files, infrared, natural color and black and white vertical aerial photography, and satellite imagery. Specialized services include delivery of geotiffs to a great variety of projections, customized labelling of aerial maps and output to specialized media.

Aerial Archives' aerial maps can be delivered as large murals (up to billboard size), as digital files for download, and in some instances, when a large contiguous area is requested, on digital media. Very high resolution scans are also available from the aerial imagery we provide, or, if necessary, as a service to get the most out of aerial imagery being used for your project. Delivery of digital files is available via our ftp server.

Another strength is the delivery of very high resolution aerial photography. For background information please consult our high resolution reference.

For current aerial map coverage of please contact us.

Satellite imagery covering the entire globe is available from Aerial Archives up to a resolution of a 50cm pixel. Imagery available includes high resolution natural color, and imagery acquired by various other sensors at a variety of resolutions.

For historical research of aerial maps, aerial photography and satellite imagery, we recommend that you use the pdf research request form.

Additional information about obtaining historical aerial photography is also available at aerial photography research and at aerial photography research FAQs. A select number of historical aerial maps are available for review on this site. Please consult the historical aerial photography directory.