Aerial Archives - Aerial Photography and Satellite Research

Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery Research

Aerial Archives provides comprehensive aerial photography and satellite imagery research services, both for vertical and oblique aerial photography and imagery captured by a variety of satellites. Among the Aerial Archives services are customized research of the Aerial Archives library and third party image location services. In addition to oblique aerial photography research and vertical aerial research and satellite imagery research, we are able to provide aerial maps of most metropolitan areas. We provide detailed aerial map research of specific areas. To submit a research request, please download our form:

- Research Request Form (PDF)

This form may be submitted via email or feel free to give us a call at 415/771-2555. Please use our interactive Location Mapper to define your area of interest and include that with your research form.

If you are requesting research of vertical aerial photography or satellite imagery, you will receive a report which contains the year in which the imagery was created, the scale of the photography, the medium and any additional comments applicable to the photography.

We generally do not provide advance proofing services for most vertical aerial photography or satellite imagery. Proofing services are available upon placement of orders of some digital vertical aerial photography, and when digital deliverables containing special graphics are ordered. In addition we do provide proofing services in advance of ordering oblique aerial photographs.

Turnaround times for research services depend on the service requested. Rush service is usually 1 to 2 business days from receipt of the request unless the request is complex or requires research of historical oblique aerial photography. Standard service is usually 5 business days. We do also offer a longer turn around service for organizations on a very tight budget. Free research services are provided only to the extent that staff is available to handle the request, after other pending requests have been handled. If you are submitting a rush request and timing is critical, please call to confirm receipt of your request.

For additional information about obtaining existing aerial photography please consult the aerial photography and satellite imagery research FAQs.