Aerial Photographs of Louisville, Kentucky

© aerial photograph Louisville skyline Kentucky
Aerial photograph of Louisville Skyline
from Lake Michigan
Image ID: AHLB9882
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An extensive selection of aerial photographs and aerial maps of Louisville, Kentucky is represented in the aerial photography library of Aerial Archives. To view thumbnails of aerial photographs of Louisville available for immediate online license, please consult Louisville aerials photographs.

This aerial photography collection includes oblique aerial photographs of Louisville, Kentucky, including aerial views of downtown Louisville. Also available are numerous aerial photographs of the individual buildings in downtown Louisville, Kentucky,. The collection also includes aerial photographs of Churchill Downs, the GE Appliance Park Plant, the major Louisville freeways, the UPS hub at the Louisville international airport, the falls on the Ohio river and other Louisville urban and geographical features.

Panoramic aerial photographs of Louisville, Kentucky

© panoramic aerial photograph Louisville, Kentucky
Panoramic aerial photograph
Louisville Skyline
Louisville, Kentucky
Image ID: AHLB9883
© Herb Lingl/
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© panoramic aerial photograph Louisville International Airport, Kentucky
Panoramic aerial photograph
Louisville International Airport Terminals
Sandiford Field, SDF
Louisville, Kentucky
Image ID: AHLB9884
© Herb Lingl/
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Aerial Archives has created a series of panoramic aerial photographs of Louisville, Kentucky of the skyline and the airport. These are availablke as very large murals or as digital files. For additional details, please contact Aerial Archives.

Aerial photographs of Louisville, Kentucky Skyscrapers

© AEGON Center, PNC Plaza,Louisville Kentucky aerial photograph,
Aerial photograph of
AEGON Center, PNC Plaza
Louisville, Kentucky
Image ID: AHLB9886
© Herb Lingl/
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Aerial photographs of numerous of Louisville's tallest skyscrapers are available including the AEGON Center and PNC Plaza.

Aerial Maps of Louisville, Kentucky

© aerial photo map downtown Louisville, Kentucky
Aerial Map View of
downtown Louisville, Kentucky
Image ID: AHLV4086
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The archive also contains a comprehensive collection of vertical aerial photographs of Louisville and the surrounding area as well as aerial maps of the rest of Kentucky and historical vertical aerial photography of Kentucky.

Aerial photographs of University of Louisville

© University of Louisville aerial photograph,
Aerial photograph University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky USA
Image ID: AHLB9885
© Herb Lingl/
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Aerial photographs of the University of Louisville campus, athletic facilities and buildings are available from Aerial Archives.

Historical aerial photogaphs of Louisville, Kentucky

© Louisville, Kentucky historical aerial photograph,
Aerial photograph of downtown Louisville, Kentucky and the Ohio River, 1949
Image ID: AHLV4084
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Historical aerial photography of Louisville, Kentucky is available for numerous years.

For historical aerial photography of Louisville we recommend that you use the pdf research request form.

Additional information about obtaining existing aerial photography of Louisville is also available at aerial photography research and at aerial photography research FAQs.

To order a specific aerial photograph of Louisville, Kentucky not shown on this site or to obtain one of the photographs shown above optimized to your specific specifications, please contact us.