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Stock Aerial Photography

Aerial Archives collection of oblique stock aerial photography is particularly in depth in the markets that it covers, these include San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, Orlando, New Orleans, Mexico City, Japan, Toronto, Hong Kong and other urban centers.

The collection also includes a large collection of oblique aerial photography of the Port of Oakland, CA, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, the Mississippi river delta, the Sacramento river delta and Death Valley.

The aerial photography collection also includes subject categorties such as aerial photography of renewable energy and aerial photography of airports.

Stock aerial photography has become increasingly important to the purchasers of aerial images because of its immediate availability, and because of the important role that atmospheric conditions play in creating aerial photographs.

In some locations atmospheric conditions may remain unsuitable for aerial photography for significant periods of time. Stock aerials can also be invaluable in situations where a particular subject can only be lit in the desired way during a brief time or year, or where a specific look is desired which only occurs during specific weather patterns which may not occur frequently.

Stock aerial photos are also invaluable for historical documentation.

Aerial Archives has assembled a large archive of stock aerial photographs illustrating concepts, locations, geographic features and stock aerials which illustrate many additional stock subject categories.

Aerial Archives also maintains a comprehensive collection of aerial maps (straight down aerial views) of most major cities in the United States and many foreign locations.

An overview of a small percentage of the stock aerials available from Aerial Archives can been seen by visiting the sections of the site containing sample aerials of various cities or concepts.

To request research for a particular stock aerial photograph please consult our aerial photography research reference or use the research request form.